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Baseball choke variation from side control

Omoplata Variation

Your next lockdown technique, try the Baratoplata from the mount.

Thom brakes this technique down step by step.

Whilst in lockdown 3 lets keep training and learn new skills.

Try this arm bar variation from the sprawl position. 

Don’t loose hope, keep going, train from home, learning all the time.

Still in second lock down, time will fly by, try this. Darce Choke variation.

Training from home . Learning new techniques every day and improving existing techniques.

A variation of the Crucifix.

Key lock variation.

Arm Bar variation from the back position.

A position variation of a leg crank.

The twister submission from the rear naked choke position.

inverted triangle choke submission variation from the rear naked choke position.

rear naked choke defence.

A defence variation. Make sure you protect your kneck before leaning back.

inverted triangle with arm bar.

Arm triangle with defence.

There are many defence techniques and transitions against the arm triangle. This is just one of many.


With any technique weather its a ACHILLES LOCK or a HEEL HOOK, if your attacking the same leg side as your arm its a normal technique.

If your transitioning across your body its classes as a reverce.

escaping the arm bar.

Theres many positions and variations of the Arm bar. Here you will see a escape variation. 

Escape from the triangle choke.

Theres loads of different variations to ether defend or escape the Triangle Choke. Heres a position to give the extra vital seconds to suvive. 

Even though we are all on lock down we can still practice/drill techniques at home.

Here we are drilling the Gogo plata, the scissor variation. Enjoy training and stay safe.

A variation of the Omoplata. Would be very difficult to apply within sparing.



The foot has 26 bones, 33 joints which can easily be broke or snapped. This submission will very easily snap your Achilles or brake a bone in your foot.