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Nutrition Services

We have over 10 years experience of improving health, fitness and body image through nutrition coaching.

Our team of nutrition and sport experts:

Tracey has a Diploma in Sports Nutrition from Stonebridge Collage and is a a Registered Sports Nutritionist. 

Tracey has lost in total 5st 13lb on her journey weight loss, she is so passionate about healthy eating and healthy living. She wants to help and pass on her knowledge to other that need her help and advice.

Tracey has a great team behind her, one of them is Steve who is an 4th Degree Black Belt, qualified Coach for Revolution Martial Arts Academy, he is also an Athlete and coach for Team GBR. 

Steve can offer a wide range of fitness, strength and conditioning advice and plans.

Our nutritionist will weight you and provide a nutritional meal plan to suit your specific needs from the information collected. 

She will also guide and advise you on how to progress forward to achieve your goals.


If you decide to take the MEMBERSHIP OPTION, you will be weighed weekly, your food diary reviewed and tailored to suit your specific requirements.

You will have continuous help, support and guidance from the nutritionist when you need it, all you have to do is call or message.



You can book a consultation with Tracey by clicking HERE

Or call:- 07768164865