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GB Sports Jiu Jitsu team. (WCJJO)



The World Council of Ju-Jitsu Organisations (WCJJO) has its roots dating back to 1977 and the first international ju-jitsu team tournament held in Honolulu, Hawaii … which expanded to the WCJJO in 1984 with the world ju-jitsu championships held at Niagara Falls in Canada.


Founded to guide and assist the growth of ju-jitsu internationally, the WCJJO brings together under one banner, Ju-Jitsu and related martial arts organisations to develop Sport Ju-Jitsu and participate in World Competition. The official language of the WCJJO is English.


The WCJJO supports the development, promotion, and teaching of ju-jitsu throughout the world without bias to race, creed, gender, or religion. Providing a world forum for all member associations to meet and participate in ju-jitsu competition in a spirit of friendship.  As an organisation the WCJJO promotes the sharing of knowledge and skills between countries and member associations, and provides a grading authority and recognition for achievement in ju-jitsu.


Ultimately the WCJJO chooses to represent ju-jitsu as a world body promoting Sport Ju-jitsu, Grappling (BJJ style); Demonstration events; Masters Sport Ju-jitsu. Plus support for Junior competition and Tantō competition.


The WCJJO is represented by delegates from every member association who have the opportunity to elect or appoint Directors, who form an Executive Council responsible for determining the host country for each World Championships, and defining the rules and regulations enforced during competition. Each member association is invited to nominate one person who meets the criteria for nomination, to represent their association.