Revolution Martial Arts Academy

Woodkirk Valley Country Club, Leeds Road, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, WF12 7JL.

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Tel: 07768164865

Aidan and Deje MMA FIGHT for charity (cancer research).

Aidan and Deja have had no experience in martial arts. They both want to learn new skills, get fitter and help others. They have a few months to increase there stamina, learn a number of submissions and gound controls and standup skills to then stand infront of a aponent, with a croud of 1000+

They have both decided that they want to help raise funds for a great cause, cancer research BY FIGHTING IN A COMPETITION CALLED AFC (ALMIGHTY FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP.)

If you would like to follow there journey there training is posted every week below.

If you would like to support and donate please follow the link.

Deje is working on stamian, timings on striking and various ground control techniques.

Aidan has a practice grappling spar, his transitions are improving and hes striking hard.